Pod Pals spot illustrations

The Pod Pals are packing for their trip to search for the Arctic Boogle.  Olson packs his gaming supplies and lots of food.  Lily packs her science material.  Sebastian packs his musical instruments and Boris… Where is that sneaky Boris?  Can you spot him hiding? (Hint: He may be upside down)

SideQuest Gallery

So much has happened since my last post but the main crux of the matter is that I am now a co-owner of a small art gallery in Oakland, calle SideQuest Gallery.  The address is 314 15th and we’re the best little gallery in all the land.  Here’s the flyer from our latest show:8 bit flyer 6x4

Perspective Class 1

Started my Grad class on perspective last week so here’s my first assignment.  It looks a bit wonkier than it should because o’ the distortion of the camera and there’s a couple of flaws that I didn’t notice last night at 330 AM when I was finishing it.  Regardless I thought it came out ok.One Point city

Blue Analogous Split Complementary

So this is the culmination of my first semester of grad school and I know what you’re thinking: don’t quit your day job.  To be fair it’s not very good BUT I suck with gouache AND ‘twas my first attempt at using an analogous split complementary color scheme while adding depth to a composition, so I don’t feel too bad. It’s a blue scheme if you couldn’t tell.  My perspective is a tad goofy but that’s my next class so I should have that all ironed out by next semester.  Fishing at night

New Stickers

So, since I’ve started Grad school I haven’t been spending too much time online, I’ll try to rectify that by posting more frequently.  Here are some new stickers I got made, enjoy!new stickers

Map of Cephalopodia

Bonjour!  Felt like showing this ultra snazzy map of Cephalopodia to the general populace so here it be, behold! This is more or less the world where I plan on staging adventures for my cephalopod characters. I think I may offer it as a print as well, why not? Enjoy.

Hola!  Inspired by all the great game icon art I’ve been viewing I made a bunch of little mini paintings.  These are all little critters I designed for a whack-a-mole type game I was thinking of making a while back. I’ll be at the Oakland Art Murmur at Warehouse 416 showing some arts as well as walking around with these little minis for sale if anybody’s out and about in the Town. That’s Oak Town for those who don’t know, peace!